Monday, April 16, 2012

Awesome Auspices

Just a heads up about the awesome events appearing on our calendar for next week: Zach's program is putting out an anthologized collection of their writing and the ebook version is being launched in Galway late next week.

We'll be traveling out to Galway and seeing some sights in the days just before the launch. Exciting stops on our itinerary include:
  • The city of Galway itself, a sort of literary capital in Ireland 
  • Coole Park, once the home of Lady Augusta Gregory, now a 405-hectare nature reserve! 
  • The Burren, a natural wonder showcasing some of the most amazing mixtures of Ireland's topography. From limestone mountains to megalithic tombs, this stop is sure stun! 
  • Ailwee Cave, a fascinating underworld of chasms, tunnels, and honeycomb chambers (think Carlsbad Caverns, without the bats) 
We're also making arrangements to participate in a beginner falconry event, whereby we go into the hazel wood forests of the Burren and learn to summon a trained hawk to perch on our arm, fly away, retrieve things, and return.

With all this excitement on the horizon, be sure to check back for pictures and posts-aplenty.

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